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Every Whispered Word
Every Whispered Word
Every Whispered Word
March 2005


"An excellent sense of characterization, a captivatingly crafted and danger-laced plot, a deliciously exotic setting, and a superbly sensual love story all come together splendidly in the fourth in Monk's dazzling series."

"Five Stars Author Karyn Monk has endeared herself to thousands, if not millions, of readers by telling the love story of some of the now grown street urchins (from The Prisoner). Simon's tale is just as riveting as the others...I did not want the story to end. I am counting the days until this author's next release."
--Huntress Reviews

"Four 1/2 Stars Exciting, emotional, humorous and brimming with characters you can never forget and a story that will stir your adventurous spirit, Monk's novel is a triumph. But it's not just the fast pace that will keep you turning the pages, it's also the desire to read more about the wonderful characters and marvelous love story. Read and savor!"
--Romantic Times BOOKclub

"Full of memorable characters, amazing descriptions, humor, emotion, and romance. This fourth installment of the Orphan series by the talented Karyn Monk is as warm and wonderful as its predecessors."
--Reader to Reader

"Every Whispered Word is a refreshing tale complete with wonderful characters. (It) will have readers laughing out loud...a book worth keeping!"
--Fresh Fiction

"A powerful historical romance starring two fabulous lead characters and a terrific insightful comparative look at a bygone era in London and South Africa."
--The Best Reviews

"Every Whispered Word has all of the elements of a great read...I found it hard to put the book down. Historical fans will not want to miss Karyn's latest."
--Round Table Reviews

"Fabulously entertaining...Startlingly original, marvelously humorous, and wonderfully told, Every Whispered Word is a must read...very highly recommended."
--Midwest Book Review

"Every Whispered Word is truly a gem...The cast of characters will leave you laughing for hours on end."
--Fallen Angel Reviews

"A magnificent tale...one very entertaining read...Ms. Monk has really done an outstanding job of giving her fans a book well worth going on the keeper shelf to be read many times."
--Romance Readers Connection


When Lady Camelia Marshall barges uninvited into Simon Kent’s London laboratory with a business proposition, she finds the famous inventor not at all as she had imagined. Far from the elderly scholar that she expected, Kent is handsomely dishevelled, surprisingly brawny and decidedly uninterested in helping her pursue the archaeological work of her late father that could make known to the world the stirring secrets of an ancient culture and the mysterious cave paintings of the lost Tomb of Kings.


Though intrigued by the striking unconventional beauty of Lady Camelia, Kent cannot fathom leaving behind his inventions and research to scrabble in the African dirt. But while he may not grasp the magnitude of Camelia’s proposition at once, someone else does—someone willing to go to dangerous lengths to stop Camelia…and anyone associated with her. Suddenly, seduced by the sun-kissed hair and bronzed skin of this gifted and indomitable woman, Kent finds himself drawn into a risky adventure that will lead him to an astonishing paradise he could never have imagined.


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Every Whispered Word
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