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Are any of your books linked or part of a series?

Yes, my last 4 books are connected, although each one stands alone and they do not have to be read in any particular order unless the reader prefers to read them chronologically.

The book that started it all is The Prisoner--in this book I introduced a wayward group of misfit Scottish urchins. Once that book was finished I was anxious to find out what happened to these children when they grew up, and so I wrote The Wedding Escape, which tells the story of Jack Kent, who was the most affected by his difficult childhood. Jack's sober, solitary nature is no match for the antics of Amelia Belford, the wonderfully impulsive runaway American heiress he finds stealing his carriage in the middle of her own wedding!

Next I wrote My Favorite Thief--which actually takes place before Jack meets Amelia. It is the story of Jack's shy, quiet, wounded sister Charlotte, who has accepted that she will never marry because of her shyness, her background and the painful challenges of her limp. But all that changes the evening she comes across London's most notorious thief in the midst of a spectacular robbery--and instead of turning him in decides to risk everything and help him escape!

My latest book is Every Whispered Word--in it Simon Kent, Jack and Charlotte's brother, has grown into a wonderfully brilliant but hopelessly distracted inventor, who spends his life closeted in his laboratory working away on a myriad of inventions. His life is perfectly orderly and content--until Lady Camelia Marshall marches into his laboratory with an extraordinary business proposition and somehow manages to turn his world completely upside down, leaving a path of destruction, danger, infuriatingly neurotic animals and an extraordinary love in her wake....


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