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Once a Warrior
Once a Warrior

May 1997, Bantam Books

"Monk grips the reader with her powerful images of Scotland and of war, witty dialogue, strong characters and Arthurian undertones."
---Publishers Weekly

"Plan for non-stop reading. I couldn't put it down."

"Karyn Monk has created another soul-searing, wondrous read that combines sensuality, emotional intensity and even a dash of humor. She is truly a bright light of the genre that shines brighter with each new novel."
---Romantic Times

"Once a Warrior, with its reluctant hero, headstrong heroine, and a cast of colorful characters, provides an utterly delightful read. Once again Karyn Monk charms the reader with her own unique blend of humor, passion, mystery, history and human challenge.

"Having now read all five of Karyn Monk's historical romances, I can highly recommend any one of her books to anyone who wishes to find passion and adventure in a worthwhile book."
---Romance Through the Ages

Her stories are tender and sensual, humorous and deeply involving. Now Karyn Monk offers her most enthralling romance ever: a tale of a shattered hero fighting for redemption--and fighting for love...

Ariella MacKendrick knew her people had only one hope for survival: she must find the mighty warrior known as the Black Wolf and bring him home to defend her clan. But when Ariella finally tracks him down, Malcolm MacFane is nothing like the hero she dreamed he would be. The fearless laird who once led a thousand men is a drunken shell of his former self, scarred inside and out, with no army in sight. Yet Ariella has no choice but to put her trust in MacFane. And soon something begins to stir in the fallen legend. A fire still rages in his warrior heart--a passion that could lead them into battle...a desire, barely leashed, that could brand a Highland beauty's soul.

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