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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
The Prisoner
June 2001, Bantam Books

Winner of the National Readers Choice Award
"The Prisoner is Karyn Monk at her finest...(It) will fill your heart with joy."
---New York Times Bestselling author Virginia Henley

"...a remarkable and heart-warming tale of boundless love, redemption, and the courage of the human spirit...Once again Karyn Monk gifts readers with a love story to cherish."
---Romantic Times

"...an enthralling love story...Monk proves again she knows how to entice and entertain her readers."
---The Oakland Press

"The Prisoner is a story that seizes the reader on page one and does not let go...a glorious tale of love and family with magnificent characterization."
---Reader to Reader

"5 Stars...an excellent period story, with characters who are vital."
---Scribes World Reviews

"...it embraces the reader and draws them into another time and another life."
---Romance Reviews Today

"Karyn Monk is an exceptional talent...once you start reading The Prisoner you will not want to stop, even when you reach the end."
---Heart Rate Reviews

Filled with charm and humor, The Prisoner is Karyn Monk's passionate new romance of a proud Scottish nobleman, an unconventional beauty, and a love that defies all odds.


Once a powerful laird, now a convicted murderer, Haydon Kent, Marquess of Redmond, had no hope of eluding the hangman's noose--until a mysterious beauty appeared in the dark shadows of his cell. Escaping in the dead of night, he sought only to reclaim his life and prove his innocence. Instead he finds himself imprisoned once again--by an exquisite woman with red-gold hair who soothes his fevered body and tormented soul...and stirs in him a passion unlike any he has ever known.


An outcast from society, Genevieve MacPhail has devoted her life to rescuing wayward urchins from the brutalities of a corrupt prison system Harboring an infamous escaped murderer will only imperil the beloved children who have become the center of her world. But she doesn't believe the disarmingly handsome nobleman is a cold-blooded killer--even if he does harbor a painful secret. Determined to solve the mystery of who was trying to kill him, Genevieve will assume the role of Haydon's wife, only to find herself succumbing to a dangerous desire that could destroy them both.

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