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The Rose and the Warrior
The Rose and the Warrior

April 2000, Bantam Books

"The Rose and the Warrior is an absolutely delightful read...With her gifted pen, Karyn Monk provides passion, medieval flavor, comedy, suspense, intrigue and hope, all the necessary ingredients for a memorable read. I highly recommend this book."
---The Midwest Book Review

"...a heart-warmer. Sit back and enjoy it."
---The Oakland Press

"Gold Five Stars...excitement, compassion, endearing characters and a story that rivals Robin Hood!"
---Heartland Critiques

"A very enjoyable read, with just the right amount of humor. A great book--I loved it!"
---Old Book Barn

In the breathtaking tradition of Once a Warrior and The Witch and the Warrior comes Karyn Monk's passionate new tale of a distant time, a proud people--and a forbidden love.


When the ruthless MacTiers destroyed Melantha's clan, she vowed to do whatever was necessary to keep her people alive. It was a daring risk to disguise herself as "the Falcon," a mysterious horseman who stole food and gold from the enemy, always slipping away unscathed. But when Melantha captures the MacTier warrior who was sent to kill her, the danger she faced was the desire aroused by this enigmatic stranger...


Roarke had known only battle for far too long. With his family gone, he had proved his loyalty to his laird in countless conflicts, fighting with the fearless arrogance of a man who had nothing to lose--and untold rewards to gain. But murdering the enchanting spitfire who had waged her own maddening war against his clan was unthinkable. Torn between fealty to his lord and the dictates of his conscience, Roarke would look for an answer in the emerald eyes of a woman who dared to show him the meaning of honor, the bonds of family--and the power of love.

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