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Surrender to a Stranger
Surrender to a Stranger

January 1995, Bantam Books

"Newcomer Karyn Monk, stand up and take a bow. This talented author has gifted readers with a first-rate historical romance that will not soon be forgotten. Surrender to a Stranger is one of those rare gems that will have 'addicted' readers going back time and time again for yet another heady dose of fantastic reading."
---The Talisman

"From the very first page, readers will be enthralled with this captivating, adventurous tale. Karyn Monk brings the horror, the passions, the courage and the romance of the era to readers with her spellbinding storytelling talents."
---Romantic Times Magazine

"Surrender to a Stranger is a fast-paced, action-packed novel...you will relish this historical romance."
---Affaire de Coeur

"...such a fascinating tale, it kept me mesmerized from beginning to end. A wonderful reading experience."
---Rendezvous Review Magazine

From Karyn Monk comes an enthralling love story that is as passionate as it is suspenseful...


Sentenced to death, Jacqueline never expected to be rescued from her filthy cell by an unlikely visitor--a man whose disguise hid a devastatingly handsome British agent. Now the two were on the run--and for a long as he was there to protect her, she felt strangely safe...


They called him the Black Prince, and to save the unjustly condemned he took hair-raising risks, slipping in and out of courtrooms and prisons, brazenly defying the threat of capture and death. The reckless spy tried to tell himself that Jacqueline was just another prisoner to be spirited away to safety. Yet there was something about her fierce dignity, her unrelenting sense of honor, her unbreakable spirit that made him never want to let her go...

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