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The Witch and the Warrior
The Witch and the Warrior

May 1998, Bantam Books

"Vivid characterizations and a plot driven by fierce passions create an enchanting tale...Throughout her sequence of believable conflicts and crises, Monk has created an absorbing, atmospheric drama."
---Publishers Weekly

"This is an enchanting and delightful read. Monk has developed wonderful characters and subtle humor throughout this book."
---Rocky Mountain News

"Monk spins a fascinating, readable story of passion and magic that will charm readers who like their historicals laced with humor and appealing characters."
---Library Journal

"Gold Five Stars."
---Heartland Critiques

"The Witch and the Warrior is a tremendous Medieval romance, written by one of the sub-genre's top authors, Karyn Monk...The fabulous story line is filled with action, intrigue, and mostly the superstitions of the times in such a lively manner, readers will feel they have entered a time machine, experience medieval life first hand, turning this book into a must read for fans of historical romance. Ms. Monk illuminates the era with her fabulous novels."
---Painted Rock Reviews

"The Witch and the Warrior is a spell-binding read, full of medieval charm and history. Through her fascinating fiction, Karyn Monk provides an intriguing insight into witchcraft in thirteenth century Scotland...this book will prove to be a favorite among readers..."
---The Romantic Bower

"An enthralling tale of two compelling, heartwarming characters and the healing power of love...I loved it!"
---bestselling author Elizabeth Thornton

The historical tales of Karyn Monk are filled with unforgettable romance and her own special brand of warmth and humor. Now love casts its spell in the Highlands, as a warrior seeks a miracle from a mysterious lady of secrets and magic...

Suspected of witchcraft, Gwendolyn MacSween has been condemned to being burned at the stake at the hands of her own clan. Yet rescue comes from a most unlikely source. Mad Alex MacDunn, laird of the mighty rival clan MacDunn, is a man whose past is scarred with tragedy and loss. His last hope lies in capturing the witch of the MacSweens--and using her magic to heal his dying son. He expects to find an old hag...Instead he finds a young woman of unearthly beauty. There's only one problem: Gwendolyn has no power to bewitch or to heal. Now she must pretend to be a sorceress--or herself perish. But can she use her common sense to save Alex's son, and her natural powers as a woman to enchant a fierce and handsome Highland warrior--before a dangerous enemy destroys them both?

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